Fall Limited Edition
500 Quantity

Fall Limited Edition
500 Quantity

Innovative Storytelling

We are building storytelling that will be experienced only in retail

Creative merchandize

An interactive game featured on an apparel and accessories platform

High quality apparels

Using Augmented Mixed and Eventually Holographic Technology

What we do

We strive to be the first story in entertainment, as an interactive game featured on an apparel and accessories platform.

Storytelling for apparels and

Allow gamers and customers to
purchase t-shirts hats,
cellphone covers, etc. in support
of Story they are choosing to
defend against other gamers in
a retail gaming season.

Use of augmented and mixed

The augmented reality game developed by the Company will revolve around unlocking and telling stories based on story lines ( “Seeker,” “Victim,” “Snatch,” and “Burn” which are based off of specific psychological and behavioral traits: aggression, obsession, seduction, and attention respectively).

Building interactive games with

Gamers choose one of four storylines they want to defend, and compete virtually for RSKIN points – the team with the highest points chooses what storied merchandise Aggression, Obsession, Seduction, Attention will be retailed in the Brick and Mortar stores depending upon what region they are defending.

What -R- Customers Say

Rian Heist

Amazing concepts and a truly innovative
idea for social gaming.


Ms. Val
Owner or US Realm Esports Arena

Thank you Razrwing.


Jill Garibaldi
Owner-CEO Glamor Girl Shopping Tours

Razrwing Inc. has been a lifesaver for
Glamor Girl Shopping Tours
on several occasions. The creativity and
devotion was very
much appreciated. Thanks Razrwing!
Sincerely, Jill Garibaldi.

https://www.facebook.com/ shop5 /

Coming Soon

Razrwing Inc will create the 1rst CHOOSE Y R Own Adventure Retail Game using Augmented Reality / X.R. Technology

We are a creative team of people
with high expertise

Our employees and Volunteers have helped structure a
concept in being the first story in entertainment, as an
interactive game featured on an apparel and accessories


Razrwing Fuses Gaming with
Apparel for a Unique Interactive

It began as a concept in early 2003 in Atlanta GA, due to
schooling family and recovery from the dot.com crash. The
Idea was scrapped until early 2008. When life resettled, the
approach was to create stories on vinyl stickers and


Our Customers